1. Information on the controller

Your personal data processing controller is Wise Guys Holding OÜ, Pajusaare tee 6-1 Peetri alevik, Rae vald Harjumaa 75312, Estonia

For more information, visit our website https://startupwiseguys.com.

2. Contact information for communiation on the issues of personal data protection

If you have questions regarding this Policy or your personal data processing, please contact us by writing your message to the e-mail address info@startupwiseguys.com

3. Cookies

We may use cookies on our website visit.salaspils.lv. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.  The file website stores on your computer or mobile device when you open the website. Each time you visit, the cookies are sent back to the home page or to another website that knows the cookie. Cookies act as a memory for a specific website, allowing that website to remember your computer the next time you visit. Cookies are used to increase the functionality of our website and to make it easier to use. We may also use cookies and other similar methods for statistical purposes to collect anonymous statistics on, for example, web usage, which allows us to understand how users use the website and to improve the user experience.

Our cookies cannot identify you personally. Cookies store information such as the IP address, the type of device used, the browser used, the activity on the websites and the websites visited.

Cookies are processed and received by us and our partners, who ensure the operation of websites, collect and analyze your activities on our website. Cookie information is not transferred outside the European Union and the EEA.

You can set your web browser not allow the use of cookies, to restrict their use or to delete cookies from your browser. However, cookies are essential to the operation of our website, so the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the website. You can find more information about cookies and how to manage or delete them at https://www.aboutcookies.org/.

4. Storing of personal data

We only processes and stores your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the reaching of the objectives indicated in the present Policy, or in accordance with the provisions of the external regulatory enactments. Most of your personal data are only stored during business relations, or for the duration the customer consents to the respective processing of personal data. However, some personal data can be stored after the expiry of customer relations, if required by external regulatory enactments, for instance, accounting source documents, invoices, contracts, or while such storage is required for the protection of the legal interests..

Your personal data shall be deleted, when the aforementioned conditions expire.

5. Personal data protection

We ensure the protection of the collected personal data by applying appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent unsanctioned access, disclosure, accidental or illegal loss, amendments or destruction thereof. We try to use all protective measures that are reasonably justified in accordance with our financial and organisational capacity, as well as the development of technical capacities, however, you must consider that none of the security systems can guarantee the elimination of all violations of personal data safety.

6. Policy changes

We reserve the right to review and amend this Policy. The information on the amendments made will be indicated on our website silva-tech.eu, where the current version of the Policy will be available as well.