September 27 – October 1


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Build Solutions to Address Forest Technology Challenges

Build Solutions to Address Forest Technology Challenges

SilvaTech Hackathon is a 3-day online event to test and build solutions for the forestry industry together with experts from Latvia’s State Forests (LVM) and a pool of international mentors. Participants can either work on solutions for challenges listed below or come with their own ideas that meet the criteria of the SilvaTech program. Both newly formed and already existing startup teams are welcome.

Developed prototypes and solutions will be presented at the Finals and the best ones will move further to the pre-accelerator phase of the SilvaTech program bringing them one step closer to co-innovation with Latvia’s State Forests, that manages 1.6M hectares of forest in Latvia, already using latest digital technologies.



Quarry monitoring & surveillance

We are looking for a solution to monitor more than 100 quarries in Latvia's territory where is poor network coverage and no electricity supply. This is needed to protect these territories from trespassing, potential theft or vandalism, as well as monitoring traffic (cargo accounting, license plate readings) and similar.

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Virtual fences

We are interested in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions to protect young stands from forest animals in areas with large animal population. Potential solutions can be sound, electromagnetic waves, or material that does not harm animals and the environment.

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Assessment of peat layer thickness

We are interested in feasible scanning or alternative technology solutions to assess the peat layer thickness. Peat layer thickness determines soil bearing capacity, growing conditions of trees, and other field specifics that are important for forest management planning.

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Weeding robots

We are looking for ways to eliminate or reduce manual weeding in nurseries. Potential solutions can include robotics, AI, laser, electric impulse, image recognition or other technologies. It can be installed on watering rods or any other acceptable solution to ensure autonomous operations in greenhouses and outside on the fields.

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Drone software for young tree stand inspection

We are looking for solutions to decrease manual work and create a software solution for young tree stands surveying (height, number of trees and other parameters), operations planning, performance quality control, and drone data processing.

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Forest canopy height estimation

We are looking for ways to estimate forest canopy height via remote sensing solutions. A potential solution can be an algorithm that can determine forest compartment predominant mean height with at least 90% accuracy using remote sensing data.

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GPS for silviculture

We are looking for ways to monitor the location and quality of silviculture activity in real-time. The solution should include ability to specify a real person, time of productive work, as well as should be integrated with LVM information systems.

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Technologies for seedling detection

We are looking for solutions that help detect the planted seedlings in young stands, in order to support seedling care (i.e. grass cutting) automatization opportunities in the future. A potential solution can be a technology that can assign coordinates to seedlings in forest areas with 10-20cm precision.

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Internet signal amplification

We are looking for a feasible solution for a good internet connection in deep forests to solve data exchange, data logging and duplication, up-to-date information availability, and similar challenges. Potential solutions can look like an amplifier inside the car, mobile base station, drone with a 4G router and wifi, or even Starlink technologies.

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September 27 & 28

Day 0

Team formation

Access will be given to MSTeams and Miro

September 29

Day 1

09:00 Opening & Welcome session - Zoom

Teamwork and mentoring

17:00 Checkpoint #1 - Zoom

Teamwork continues

September 30

Day 2

09:00 Checkpoint #2 - Zoom

Teamwork and mentoring

14:00 Pitch webinar

17:00 Checkpoint #3 - Zoom

Teamwork continues

October 1

Day 3

09:00 Checkpoint #4 - Zoom

Teamwork and mentoring

14:00 - 17:00 Final pitching & Closing ceremony - Zoom

Team formation

International teams or individuals with or without an idea can register for the hackathon. Participants will be able to put together their own teams or join already existing ones during September 27 and 28. Up to 20 teams formed during the hackathon and registration process will be allowed to participate in the hackathon. Preference will be given to those teams with solutions that solve proposed hackathon challenges or ideas that are well aligned with overall SilvaTech acceleration program topics.

We are especially looking for experts in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Geospatial information technologies
  • Robotics Information Technologies
  • Business development

Meet SilvaTech Mentors & Experts

Product and fundraising
Business development
Corporate innovation
Pitching and marketing
Product and technology
Geospatial information technologies
Forest infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence
Investments and business development
Ainara Kokina
Governmental sector, B2G, 5G, IoT
Design, product development and prototyping

Share your expertise

Would you like to participate in the hackathon as a mentor? If you can provide knowledge and expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Geospatial information technologies, Robotics, IT, and Business development, and are eager to help growing startups succeed, join us.

Still Have Some Questions?

Initial communication will happen through emails, but the hackathon will happen online in the MSTeams environment. We will also be working with Miro boards and have live sessions on Zoom.

Yes, you can join another team and work together during the hackathon.

Your idea should be either related to one of the proposed challenges above, or to the overall SilvaTech acceleration program topics: General forestry & arboriculture, Recreation & hunting, Extraction & production of mineral materials, Geospatial information technologies, or Seed growing & planting. We will prioritize and accept those teams that match challenges put forward by Latvia’s State Forests or match the topics of the SilvaTech program.
There will be no monetary prizes to this hackathon, however, best performing teams will be eligible for the equity-free pre-accelerator program and will move forward with co-innovation with Latvia’s State Forests as part of the SilvaTech program. Read more about the program itself here.

The hackathon will take place in English, however, within your team you can choose a different working language for your communication.

We Bring Experience & Expertise in Forestry and Startup Acceleration

SilvaTech is designed by two of the strongest brands within their niche – Latvia’s State Forests and Startup Wise Guys. Here’s all you need to know about SilvaTech’s founding partners.

Latvia’s State Forests (LVM) is a digital-first forest management company operating by combining innovation and sustainable development. With cutting-edge technologies already being at the heart of LVM’s business, they are always on the lookout for new solutions that will help them bring their vision for a more sustainable future and more engaged communities to life.

Founded in 2012, SWG is one of the top investors in the broader CEE and CIS regions, as well as Nordics. With over 230 startup investments in their state-of-the-art accelerator program portfolio, SWG brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and world-class mentors to accelerate innovation, business growth, and international expansion.
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